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This was written by Nicholas Howard. For information on his counseling business click here:

The Friend.

A friend is the person who brings out the undeveloped, hidden, locked away “you”. They stand for what is right and find comparing quite exhausting.

A friend isn’t afraid of messes, in fact they love seeing them sorted. Speaking of messes, a friend will always clean up theirs properly. Authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability are not moments lived by a friend, for them it’s a lifestyle.

A friend confronts because they see connection is more valuable than people pleasing. They listen, understand, are present, and pursue. A friend honors who you are and doesn’t allow who you are not to stay.

A friend sees you. They celebrate you and never tolerate you. They cover and accept you. A friend does not have agendas to why they are your friend, being you is more than enough. A friend doesn’t need you, they want you. They have your back. They believe in you!

A friend is not afraid to let you go if you choose to not keep the standard of friendship. They also do not enable or allow you to keep lies that someone else has given you. They get involved, fighting with and for you.

A friend understands they are responsible for themselves alone. They will seek to understand over trying to be right because they see you as more important than a status. The best moments in life happen in friendship. Life is incomplete without them.

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