The Generosity of the Giver

“Look what I found this morning!” It was my birthday and my dad held up an envelope containing five 20-dollar bills with a note that read “Go enjoy a meal with your family!” I immediately remembered a conversation two days prior in which my mom asked what I wanted to do to celebrate and only two words had come to mind: Korean BBQ. I would have loved to enjoy a little Korea town special with my family but knew taking my 7-person family to such a meal was beyond the financial parameters of the question.

That birthday is so memorable to me because I didn’t consciously step out in faith or even ask God for that money—He just gave it because He knows me and because He loves me. It was such a trivial desire but the God of the universe did not overlook it; rather, true to His character, He displayed His generosity.

It wasn’t the first or last time an anonymous envelope, literal or metaphoric, appeared with exactly enough to cover an expense in my life—from a small birthday dinner to tens of thousands of dollars for college tuition.

My faith grows every time He provides me with housing, a job, a friend, a meal, or a simple encouragement, and remarkably it’s always in perfect timing. My understanding of God’s character and my desire to emulate it expands with every supernatural experience of His care. My love for Him grows every moment I’m reminded of His everlasting faithfulness.

Countless testimonies in the Bible and church family today spur us on to step out in more radical faith and magnificent expectation, but our ability to operate in faith is never the point. The focus should always be placed on the generosity of the Giver. He’s extravagantly generous, loving, and present in our lives. His character is true forever, and He knows every single thing we need and desire.

The Old Testament celebrates Jehovah-jireh or “Yahweh will provide.” It’s a fact proven true since the beginning of time that we can freely enjoy, not because of anything we could ever do, but simply because of who He is.

The inner battle between fear and trust that so often accompanies a life of faith has become more familiar—even enjoyable—to me over the years, as I’ve learned I can comfortably lean into Him. God knows, values, and loves us more than we can imagine. He’s safe and He is immeasurably generous.

I encourage you to begin expecting miracles in your life! God’s present and working regardless of your awareness of it and His resources are endless. When a “life of faith” sounds too risky, scary or unrealistic, focus on the generosity of your God and realize His goodness is not dependent on you.

“God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.

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