By Morgan Ingle Growing up in a conservative Southern Baptist Church will really shape the way you view dating. I heard a lot about saving yourself for “the one” but not a lot about becoming the one or dating in a healthy way. I could have avoided a lot... read more


This was written by Nicholas Howard. For information on his counseling business click here: The Friend. A friend is the person who brings out the undeveloped, hidden, locked away “you”. They stand for what is right and find comparing quite exhausting. A friend isn’t afraid of messes, in fact... read more


From 2015 by Connor Mullen: How do you have peace about entering a relationship? Recently, I was posed this question by a couple in our church. It’s an excellent question, one that I have heard quite a bit. Pulling from experience, I’ve broken the answer down to two fundamental... read more


People are always writing about how to do relationships or dating well, but the truth of the matter is that more people are single than connected. Who’s out there to speak to us single people? Well, I’m here to represent. Being a self-appointed expert of singleness, (I’ve spent 26... read more


With hundreds of friends at our fingertips on Facebook and Instagram, it is all too easy to effortlessly “maintain” friendships through quick comments and likes without ever realizing the missed potential for authentic relationships. When we minimize friendships to short text messages and small talk, we miss out on... read more

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