Originally published in 2014

I have five 5 kids. Fourth in the lineup is our 3 and a half year old daughter Joanna. From time to time, Joanna loves to cruise through the house completely butt naked, and unashamed, all while singing loud enough for everyone to hear: “I’m a princess! I’m a princess! I’m a princess!” She does not care that she is naked, nor does she care how her voice sounds. Joanna is purely influence by the reality that she is a princess. This core identity has become Joanna’s foundation after me speaking it over her countless times from the day of her birth.

Jesus told us that there would be great reward in learning, not to be childish, but to be childlike. We are to be childlike in our trust in Him, naked and unashamed before Him, confident in our identity because we know what our Father in heaven says about us. We are not so concerned with what others are thinking about us, the clothes we are wearing, or what we look like, but instead, confident in God’s love. When we are confident in His love we can be who God made us to be, without having to live in the fear what others think about us.

Joanna has a core identity of a princess. A princess confident in love, one who knows she is more than okay in the eyes of her father. Each day we must choose what we are going to believe about ourselves. We must remind ourselves that what the Father says about us is true, regardless of what others are saying or even how we are feeling about ourselves. It takes practice to get good at agreeing with His word, meditate on it, and allowing it to shape our reality each day. If you’re not confident in His love today don’t be discouraged. Like children, we grow in love by hearing and continually hearing the voice of our father tell us what He thinks about us.

Let this verse be a fresh word over your life today, He really does have crazy great love for all of us this day:

“See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God;” – 1 John 3:1



  1. Jason and Holly ….. If you all have an email address, please share it with me so I can tell you of how I came to know about Jojo and what that has meant to me. I do not have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram…… I believe social media per SE is an avenue that welcomes our children down the most dangerous of paths. But that is another subject altogether. I am prayerful that you teach the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to especially your children and then in ministry. Your family has ministered to me in a special way. I would like correspond with you regarding your children. Praise to the Wonderful Counselor.


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