Judges Pt 3 “No Need for Revolt”

Judges Pt 3 “No Need for Revolt”

“Then the Lord raised up judges who delivered them from the hands of those who plundered them. Yet they did not listen to their judges, for they played the harlot after them. They turned aside quickly from the way in which their fathers had walked in obeying the commandments of the Lord; they did not do as their fathers.” (Judges 2: 16-17 emphasis added)

It comes as no surprise that us twenty-somethings don’t have it all figured out. Every time I have been faced with a big decision, there have been older family and friends there to remind me that I am young. I have noticed, however, that amongst us twenty-somethings there is a tendency to believe we have it all figured out spiritually. Maybe “all figured out” is a little too far, but we feel we are blazing a new trail at the least. I want to caution us that there is no such thing as blazing a new trail in the name of Christianity. There is no new faith to be discovered. There is no road yet to be traveled.

I do not say these things to discourage bold enterprise in the things of the Spirit. Nor do I say these things to assert that the generations before us had it all figured out either. I say this to remind us that it has already been done. Jesus – the Son of God walking on earth as a man – lived the perfect “Christian” life. He was 100% obedient to the Father, 100% full of the Spirit, and perfectly loving.

There are ways in which the rising generations feel as if they need to start a revolt. As if the faith of our fathers was not enough – as if they missed the point and now live a half-fulfilled Christian life. The reality is that in every generation there will be those whole-heartedly seeking after Christ and those who merely attend a service on Sunday. To deny the work of God in the generations before us would prove a fatal lack of faith on our part.

Let our testimony be that we learned all we could from those who have walked before us. God has placed men and women of courage and wisdom in our midst to remind us that we are not to run this race alone. Our faith does not exist in a vacuum and much of the revelation God wants to give us will come through others. Let us be open and willing to receive, that we may walk as a generation with wisdom beyond our years. The world allows for separation between generations, but the testimony of the Church shall be that we walk as one. May we act in love, humility, and confidence before all.

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