No amount of Facebook friends, Instagram followers, or tweets on Twitter can heal the soul or validate our success in life. No matter how many cool hash tags you have, or how many likes you get, social media can not fulfill you nor give you the approval you are looking for.

If we are not careful we can all fall for the trap of thinking social media somehow reflects if we are successful in life or not. The truth is that social media has no bearing whatsoever on how successful we actually are in life.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: have you ever put anything up that you did not want other people to see about you? I have had some pretty “intense fellowship” with my wife over the years. Could you imagine in the middle of it, stopping and asking her to take a selfie with me, tagging her with the hashtags #prayforus #ephesiansfivehusband?!?! I mean, come on, let’s get real – we all put our best foot forward. And I am not going to lie, I am glad we do. I don’t think you want to see me upset with my kids at times, overwhelmed by looking at my Chase bank account, or tripping out because of a situation going on with someone in the church.

Success cannot be gauged by social media. Unlike previous generations, I believe this generation of believers will need to have a concrete and definitive answer when it comes to the question, “How do you define success?”

I believe it is from this answer that we position ourselves for how we approach life each day. I do not think there is one right answer when it comes to defining success, but I do believe there are plenty of wrong answers.

For me a few simple and true answers are:

Loving God and the people who are close to me well.

Hearing God followed by joyful obedience to His word.

Receiving God’s love and giving it away to the next person I meet.

A few questions to think about today:  How would you define success? What gauges or lenses are you using? Do you have any unhealthy ones in your life today? How do you think Jesus defined success in His day?

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