Excerpt – The Family of God

Excerpt – The Family of God

Here is a excerpt from our book The Family of God, taken from Krissy Mason’s chapter called Made for Greatness.

Holly and Jason first opened their lives to me by inviting me to family outings at the farmer’s market and letting me sleep on their couch. For the first time, I had a place to cry, mourn, yell, hate and, eventually, love. They listened and they invested. It wasn’t counseling: it was an exchange of lives. Together we became something greater. We became everything of what He fought for us to be. We became a relationship: a real covenantal relationship that was unconditional. I have received more from this relationship than a sermon could ever give.

Holly and I have not done everything perfect, or even decent at times, when it comes to investing into people’s lives. We have probably even increased pain for some with our lack of emotional capacity and involvement. However, for Krissy we had an abundance of grace. From the first time I met her, I knew God had called Holly and I to lay down our lives to see her become the woman that God made her to be.

Love is messy. It takes time, involves risk, and pretty much guarantees hurt. We unconditionally loved Krissy, and today she has become a wife, a mom, a leader in IV Church family, and a remarkably powerful woman of God.

If we want to see this generation come out of pain and into their destiny, then fathers and mothers must make room for other people in their lives. Like Krissy said, “It wasn’t counseling: it was an exchange of lives.” Often what hurting people need most is someone to be emotionally available, present enough to love them and hear them out. I am beyond thankful that Holly and I partnered with the heart of God for her…I am not sure where Krissy would be today without family who accepted her, fought for her, and let her be 100% herself.

“God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.” (Psalm 68:6)

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