Excerpt – The Family of God

Excerpt – The Family of God

Here is an excerpt from our book The Family of God, taken from Lindsay Slavik’s (now Mason) chapter called Intimacy is Rich.

Mothering and fathering younger lovers of Jesus is about believing in who God created them to be and enabling them to walk in His specific plan for their life, from glory to glory! That comes from investing time in them and encouraging them in their lives. That’s His will, and my story is a testimony of the fruit that Jason and Holly have been producing in their home. There’s no system for how to do this. God is so creative and how He speaks, how He loves, how He fathers. We get to do the same for others, so they can experience a relationship with their Heavenly Father; too. Intimacy is rich; it is to know and to be known. It’s Jesus

I couldn’t have said it better than Lindsay when it comes to how to father and mother those in the faith: There is no system for how to do this. She nailed it right on the head.

Holly and I have never had a system: we have just loved Jesus, and trusted His wisdom in who to invest our lives into. Lindsay was a gift from Above, and watching her mature over the years has been such a source of joy and encouragement for Holly and I. This last year, in 2014, I officiated her wedding and saw her become one with a mighty man of God, who also lived at the Jesus Burgers House back in the day.

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.“ (3 John 1:4)

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