One of my favorite things to do is to help simplify evangelism for people. I think we’ve made it much too complicated, and put too much expectation on ourselves to do it perfectly.

Jesus gave us a mission in Matthew¬†6:10, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” On earth as in heaven is the standard for evangelism. This impossible task can either scare us away from ministering to people around us or get us excited about the possibilities of heaven invading earth. What makes this task possible is not our ability to preach well or our ability to persuade others, it is His Spirit living in us and through us. God wants to use each of us more than we want to be used by Him. Our job is simply to give God a place to land.

This last Halloween in Isla Vista I took my friend Debbie out on the streets to prophesy over people, it was one of her first times stepping out in the supernatural so we tried to be as simple as possible. We stood on one side of the street opposite of the Jesus Burgers house and looked around to see who God was highlighting. I picked out this girl on the other side of the street and had Debbie close her eyes and ask God for a picture to encourage the girl. About five seconds after we picked out this girl she walked up to Debbie (who was wearing a burger costume) and asked for a picture with her. We were both so surprised that out of the 100+ people around us God highlighted this girl who already wanted to talk to Debbie. After taking the picture Debbie shared the picture God gave her and prayed with her. God opened up more opportunities and we shared a few more prophetic words with her and got to pray for her neck and shoulder that was bothering her. It was awesome!

Sometimes we can get intimidated when we try and minister to people outside of a church setting but God just wants to use people who give Him a place to land. We just picked out a girl who seemed to be highlighted to us and God partnered with us by sending her right to us. God wasn’t concerned that Debbie was new to it, He was excited He had someone to partner with.

I think we often over-teach evangelism, when we really need to just step out of our bubbles and go for it. As we give God more and more opportunities to land somewhere we will begin to see more of heaven invading earth, and watch the neighborhoods and cities around us transform.

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  1. dude come on preach that word man of God wish I was their man this year but I will be down their as much as I can bro be blessed miss you guys


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