Life has only gotten busier as my responsibilities continue to increase—from finishing school, to getting married, starting a family, and so on. Just as I am busy, so are the people I present Jesus to. They are busy partying on Del Playa, busy eating or walking somewhere. Funny thing is, God is also busy. Jesus said “…My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I too am working” (John 5:17). And that is why evangelism can happen whenever and wherever, regardless of how busy or tired we are. It is God who is working in and through us to reveal Himself to others. Just like Jesus multiplied the little the disciples brought Him to feed 5,000, so God will work through us as we offer what we have to Him in the midst of our busyness.

I’m currently pregnant with my second child, but I have the desire to go to Jesus Burgers. However, it starts pretty late and before it begins, I have to get my first child to bed after making dinner for the family, cleaning it up, etc. By the time I’m done, I’m tired and I don’t physically want to do anything. Though, when I feel a stir of passion for those who don’t know Jesus, I go out. One night, I put a time limit on my going out because I knew if I stayed out late, it would be hard for me to wake up early and take care of my family. As I walked to Jesus Burgers, I asked God to use me to really bless one person in the one hour I would be out.

That evening, I get to Jesus Burgers and go to the “Free Blessings” sign posted on the street. My friend behind the sign introduced me to her friend who was there with her. I thought he was giving out blessings and prophetic words to other people because he was behind the sign, so I asked him how it was going. My friend looked at me and said, “Oh, he actually isn’t a Christian.” Though embarrassed, I started talking to him and felt like the Lord started speaking through me. We spoke about Christianity, how it is a relationship and not just a religion, about what prophecy is and how God shares things with us about others because He loves them. God gave me a prophetic word for him to demonstrate how real His Holy Spirit is and how God knew Him and wanted a relationship with Him. He was really touched by the whole experience and was open to all I said about Jesus. The conversation ended shortly after, and I could go home right when I wanted to.

God multiplied the little bit of time I had into a beautiful time of evangelism, where the fragrance of Jesus filled the atmosphere. We may not always be able to go out to evangelize, but because the Father is always working, we can reveal Jesus in the midst of whatever we may be doing.

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