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I am a simple man. I got radically arrested by the love of Jesus in 2001. It changed everything in my life. Soon after, I had a crazy idea to have a citywide barbecue in Isla Vista, which eventually became known as Jesus Burgers. Years later my wife and I, who met in Isla Vista, still live happily in the city. We have six remarkable children, a golden retriever, and lots of spiritual children. We love Isla Vista and couldn’t be more encouraged by all that Heaven is doing in our midst. And if you were wondering, I was not raised in a Christian home. I attempted seminary three times, each time the Father gently closed the door (well, the last time He might have exerted a little more force). My seminary has been in the school of hard knocks, lots of trials and lots of errors, living in community, having children, and doing church as a family. To me, life is a gift, fun is important, teamwork makes the dream work, and like I often tell my kids, “sharing is caring.”

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