Faith: A New Operating System

I have pondered this phrase many times over the past several years, and it has not been until recently that I have really started to discover the brilliance of God in the midst life’s uncertainties. We can never really know the full extent of the future, but we can take daily steps of faith to be in sync with the movement of God in our lives. For me, living a life of faith has been a journey of engaging with the promises of God over my life and following the desires of my heart.

It has been like learning a new language, one full of mystery and things that I don’t always understand. However, I have found that the more I practice faith that more simple and clear it becomes. It has become a new operating system for me, one that continues to reshape the fabric of my worldview. Faith leads us in a direction that we can only go with and in God. By faith, we are continually able to go to new levels in God, ultimately growing ourselves in our identities and inheriting all the promises of God over our lives.

I recall being eighteen years old. Two months after graduating high school, I got on a plane and moved to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College. For me, this was the biggest move I had ever made in my life, and in retrospect it was a total move of faith. I had never even visited the college before, nor did I know anyone in Santa Barbara. My dream had been to attend a west coast Christian college because my Dad lived on the central coast of California. I had heard about Westmont, when I was fifteen years old. Ever since then I knew that is where I wanted to go and where God was calling me to. I applied early action, got accepted, and showed up for freshman orientation. And as they say the rest is history. Well, eight years later I’m still in Santa Barbara pursuing life, business, and the Kingdom! If I had not taken that step of faith, I would not have been set up to be in the position that I am today. Sometimes when God speaks, we don’t always have the full picture, just an inclination and a direction that is where we need to be going.

If you want to engage with God at this level, then you are going to learn this operating system of His kingdom. Scripture teaches that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). The good news is that we are already fully pleasing to Him because we are in Jesus. As we live from a place of fully abiding in Him, we realize that our dreams, desires, and promises are actually potential opportunities to live by faith in partnership with Him.

Now faith is the turning of dreams into deeds, it is betting your life on the unseen realities” (Hebrews 11:1 Cotton Patch Version). What if engaging with our dreams is an avenue to please God because it’s impossible to please God without faith? You responding to your dreams pleases the Father! What a glorious exercise of faith! How are you stewarding the promises, dreams, and desires of your life? Ready to get an upgrade in faith to see them come to reality?


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