A Mentor-ship Program Created To Give People Access To My Life With God And For Me To Be A Part Of Helping You Grow In Your Relationship With Jesus.

About Me & The Program

Pastor, Father, & Friend

We live in a city of over 20,000 people in one square mile, mostly college students, called Isla Vista. I am Lead Pastor of Isla Vista Church and began a ministry called Jesus Burgers in 2001 that passes out around 200 hamburgers every Friday night on the main party street in our city.

Life is a gift and I am a thankful man. I am an avid learner and live to see lives transformed by God. I like coffee, kids, reading, and helping others learn to face life (not in that order).

Do You Need A Mentor?

We All Need A Little Help Sometimes

Having people in our lives that know us and love us enough to say what other people usually aren’t saying is a gift. I find it to be one of the greatest honors in this life to have the kind of access I do into the lives God has placed around me.

If you decide to sign up for the program, know that I will be prayerful and sensitive to what the Spirit is doing. I am not looking to put my agenda on you but rather find out what God is doing and partner with that. All mentoring will happen over FaceTime, 4 sessions is the minimal amount you can sign up for to begin. 4 sessions is the minimal amount you can sign up for to begin (suggested donation of $150 includes the 4 sessions, helpful homework, and one Marco Polo a week)

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Renew Your Mind With Some Things That Have Help Me!

You Died in Christ 6:12

The Old Nature 6:31

The Great Exchange 6:57