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The twenties are your most crucial years in life. For most people, they are finishing up college in their early twenties, and for the first time in their life they can choose what they want to do with themselves. For some this may be a time of wanderlust, freedom, and adventure, while for others it may be their initiation into adulthood or the workforce. Regardless, these years are some of the most precious times of our lives, as they are foundational years for our growth and development as people. If you use your twenties wisely, you will be set up for success in your thirties.

If you look at the life of major Biblical leaders, many of them embraced their position when they were entering their 30s. Jesus started his ministry when he was 30. David became king of Israel when he was 30, and Joseph was 30 when he became governor of Egypt, second in command to Pharaoh. However, it is important to recognize that there is something significant about coming to the age of 30. Perhaps it is the life experience, inner resolve of identity, personal development or God’s divine timing? Maybe a little bit of each. Clearly, there is something very significant about utilizing your 20s to step into all God has for you in your 30s. But there is a process involved as you go through your twenties. You just don’t wake up one day and have all our dreams and promises fulfilled. God is about the process as much as He is about the revealing of your identity.

This may be challenging for some, but it is absolutely necessary to go through your process. It cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try or want it to go away. You can either choose to embrace it or fight it. And fighting it, is not going to be fun. When you embrace our process, you can get excited about what God is doing in your life, and you see that everything has a purpose in His divine plan. Your mindset goes from resistance to acceptance; and when you accept the process, you are in a position to receive what God has for you. Process is really about a rite of passage; it is a journey of experience, where personal history and legacy are built. It is about going from where you are today to where God has destined you to be, while becoming everything He designed you to be.

For most people in their 20s, we are of the insta generation. We like things now. Since we were teenagers, we have utilized the internet and social media. We have had cell phones as long as we can remember, access to vehicles, communication, and perhaps finances. We are used to getting things instantly. Waiting, being patient, working hard…we may have some conceptual idea of what those things look like, but they haven’t really become part of our lives. I often tell people that if Instagram is an icon of our generation, then perhaps we are the insta generation because consciously or subconsciously we lean towards instant gratification, instant growth, and maybe even have the idea of an instant God. However, after wrestling with this false mindset for a few years, I have come to the conclusion that this is simply not how life works, let alone God.

Life is a process, and it is my due diligence to embrace the process of who God is forming me into. He is after my growth and development as His son. He is all about the process of who I am becoming. For me I am constantly asking myself two questions: who am I and who I am becoming? These questions help me embrace and evaluate my process, keeping God and my identity in Him ahead of my circumstances. He empowers me to be strategic with my personal development, setting me up for success, abundance, and prosperity in all areas of my life.

For in the embracing of your process is the unfolding of your identity and destiny. If you have strong prophetic words over your life, you may be wondering when or how they are going to come true. However, maybe it is not about sitting and waiting for them to come true. What if your role was to partner with God to see them come to fruition? When you go through the process of inheriting the promises of God over your life, you are in a position to receive the full magnitude of their reward.

You need to go through the process to become the person God intended you to be. God is not going to give you something you cannot handle. Often, He may wait until you reach a level of maturity and growth so that you can sustain the very thing He is promising you. As you go about your daily life, remember that the process of today is forming you in the person of tomorrow.

Ultimately, it is all about Jesus being formed in you. May your hearts cry be the words of Paul in Galatians 4:19, “My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you!”

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