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Written by Benjamin Moore, Jesus Burgers Pastor

Coming up on being married for 8 months, I wanted to share some of the few pieces of wisdom I have learned that I hope help prosper your marriage as much as they have mine in our short time:

1) You have two covenants in life, with God and with your spouse. I have NO covenant with my work, my church, my ministry, my friends, or even my family. That means Jesus and my wife comes before all else, defend those two at all costs.

2) Go to bed at the same time as your spouse, as often as possible. Using this time to simply chat and laugh has helped us fight the risk of simply becoming “roommates”. It may seem like a compromise in the short end as you want to stay up and get things done, but your connection with your spouse will prosper in the long term.

3) You cannot say “Thank You” enough to your spouse. I have seen saying thank you for the little things my wife does for me halt any bitterness that may arise. I think many couple grow to not like being with each other because at one point they stopped saying thank you and took each other for granted. Thankfulness kills bitterness.

4) Over-communicate. Most issues arise due to a simple lack of communication. If you aren’t sure, communicate it again.

5) Have fun doing mundane things. Running a household often means doing mundane tasks with your spouse that don’t bring much enjoyment (laundry, cleaning, groceries, etc.) Learn how to make these fun with your spouse. Laugh, bring a deck of cards, dance to random songs with each other. Find as much enjoyment during these times as the crazy adventures.

6) Serve every opportunity you can. I have found the most life in my marriage where I am dying to myself the most.

7) And lastly, forgive quickly. Choose to believe the best in them, even when the circumstances will say otherwise. A lot of build up is caused by believing your spouse is attempting to hurt you, when often that was not the case.

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