Jason Lomelino has served the people of Isla Vista, California for over 15 years. He and his wife Holly share six bouncing children, two golden retrievers and a heart to see their small coastal town transformed by the radical love of God. Apart from his role as consultant and counselor, Jason is the lead pastor of Mission Isla Vista. He holds a B.A. in Psychology, loves every minute, and rarely takes a day off.

Jason’s approach.

Jason’s approach to Life Consulting is precise, beneficial and surprisingly brief. Personal, one-on-one sessions prepare people to step into power, embrace vulnerability and lead themselves and others from a place of love. New clients should expect high impact sessions, consistent breakthroughs and observable change.

“Jason was patient, listened well, and lovingly helped me to see my blind spots that needed growth. In addition, he gave me practical steps to help me progress in my personal development and healing. Together, we clarified and honed the vision for my life, all while he kept me focused on the greater purposes. He has my highest recommendations for anyone seeking personal growth in life.”

Victoria Pevarnik, M.A., M.Dv

Health Coach, & Mom

The good fruit in Jason’s life is obvious. Jason lives by his principles and teaches what he knows.”

Benjamin Roy

Commercial Director, ECD

“I find it hard to convey the degree to which Jason has helped me. In relationships, emotional health, spiritual life, and my calling, I have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough with Jason. I honestly cannot recommend him enough.”

Michael Becchio

Community Pastor, Entrepreneur

“Jason is extremely gifted at facilitating self-improvement without encouraging self-indulgence. He maximizes time by accurately analyzing your strengths efficiently. His vision of using your strengths goes beyond personal growth but impacts and shifts the lives and circumstances in your sphere of influence as well. Jason was able to identify chains, poor habits, and negative cycles while motivating and inspiring new ways of thinking. This created more powerful decision making skills that led to more success and confidence in the outcomes of my relationships and endeavors.”

Krissy Mason

Wife, Homemaker, World Changer


Many of us know what it’s like to feel trapped in powerless living. For some, the simple requirements of daily life may be too much to bear. For others, the stated goal may be getting from better to best. Wherever you find yourself, the path forward begins with identity; being able to look in the mirror and recognize your authentic self.


Any time we deal with the human heart we need to know what’s happening before we try and fix it. Our biggest roadblocks are invisible because they’re supported by unconscious beliefs. Identifying and boldly facing these boundaries is the key to unlocking the life you were intended to live.


  • Overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Discover why you do what you do.
  • Receive lasting healing from emotional pain.
  • Break up with the thoughts coming against you.
  • Design a pattern for the life you want to live.
  • Make choices in line with your authentic self.
  • Pursue a lifestyle of vulnerability.
  • Find your voice.


(*Statistically speaking, the likelihood that change is possible.)

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